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Large family home Remodel

Design consultancy of major works reporting to both client and builder.  We know nearly every nut and bolt in this house having either advised, supplied or designed it.  Our first client in Yorkshire was very pleased with the front cover achievement.

Ergonomics are a key part of the job. People think interior design is all about fads and trends. This end of the market we stay away from as sustainability of a design is far more important to us than a revisit a few years down the line. This house emphasizes on its ergonomics and the way the family live and use it. Working on this project gave us the ability to work as a consultant as well as a designer. Working closely with the client on this large family home we embraced new technology and made a truly smart home cinema. Bespoke seating and sourcing original 1930 pieces, this project was a pleasure to work on and gave us our first published front cover.

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